MSA Magic Software Argentina (2006)


Magic Software Argentina, at least at 2006, was the enterprise that made me grow up as professional. I committed mistakes there, that mixed with the high stress of the position i invested that time (DBA and Developer, but mainly DBA), put me in the position of choose what do i want of my professional career, and what means to commit to something.

I am sad to have this hard feelings when i remember this experience, because almost people there was really good people and good professionals.

This was my first time as DBA in charge of tuning, and one of the data bases i was in charge is related a ticket selling site.  And my first weekend in charge of  ‘the phone’ was the weekend i choose it was too much stress, after receive one call even 15/20 minutes for 3hrs just to blame me because the system was running slow (mean while i was trying to work on solving that). Because of my lack of experience and because of the effect of excessive stress  i decided i was not prepared for the position.  And that is why i quitted my position when things cooled down.

I will not extend my self more on this, but that wound is one of the reasons of my high work commitment today. And that stress i suffered mades me more resistant today to the stress. But also reminds me i have a limit.

Out of that, my experience in MSA was quite good. My job was care about how to make things faster, that i did successfully on the other applications, applying Stored outlines and tuning and instructing my partners how to tune SQL queries, and, finally, doing specific memory and filesystem configurations on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux server that served the main databases.

I also was in charge of the disaster recovery plan of all the data bases, what we achieve by applying an daily incremental backup strategy of the Oracle Recovery Manager  and fully mirroring the databases on standby databases according with the Standby high availability architecture definition.

In terms of architecture, i was also in charge of accounting, how much it cost the service we give to each of our costumers? In order to do that i made up some python based scripts for fetching processing time, IO time and IO used by each of costumer’s processes, and used to build accounting reports.

Finally, when i was free of enhancing and learning to do my new job, as we agreed with my former boss, i was in charge of PHP intranet sites for reports for our costumers and for one implementation of the electronic vote system, and for the implementation of the Databases of that same system.

Sadly, all my work in this time was more admin work, what means that is not possible to show.

Even when i this experience leaded me to quit DBA jobs, because of the stress involved, i still thinking this was a really good experience, that like i said, made me grow up and become a professional.






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