Aufiero Informatics (2007/2010-2011 and some freelance)

Aufiero informatics is my most long term relation in industrial jobs. When i started in Aufiero, it had already 20 years of existence, and it still being an adhoc software development company.  In the 2009 it started slowly but continuously in the software distribution company it is today.



Like all this kind of companies with small budget, there is a lot of work, a lot of good will, and not much money. Is the perfect place for any person that likes to learn, to use cutting edge technology and that do not care much about money. And that was me. At that time, without needing to maintain no one but me and my studies, and with a huge hungry for technical, human and business knowledge, that place was perfect for me.

During the first 2 years of work, my responsibilities were of development. My very first job was to maintain a VB 6+SqlServer management system. One of that systems product of the late 90’s.  A lot of windows, a lot tables, a lot of reports (Crystal reports), a lot store procedures, not much documentation, ilegible code, no tests at all of course and a lot of people in hurry . Since Aufiero used to sell hours-per-month of maintainment, i had also opportunity for getting involve in other projects of the company.

During that time, Flex3.0 was the way to make a client, Java, Hibernate and PostGreSQL  a reliable and modern way to have a backend. BlazeDS the way to connect them without coding too much. Jasper Reports, well, for reports. And thankfully, at that time, we already had TDD as religion, together with SVN, JUnit and Eclipse, where my means of production. That was the first project completely for me during 2008. A project for managing tennis field rental, schedules, cash flow, financial projections, reports,  user and roles of course, since it was not just for intranet, but with internet accessibility.

Ending the 2008, with the tennis software already delivered and running in production, but giving weekly support to it, and to the VB application, i started to get involved in a bigger project with other two partners. C# 3.0 and NHibernate, PostgresSQL,  Visual studio 2008, Crystal reports. This one was a project for managing classifies in an important newspaper in Argentina. Desktop kind of application, windows, configuration, user, roles, auditory information, reports.

I think the most big challenge of this project was the auditory information tracking, and with that, the role management.

Besides that, i learned something quite important. C# and Java had different frameworks, different approach, but in the end, there are not that different. I don’t know if it was thanks to my Smalltalk experience or my C experience, but Java was not that difficult and C# indeed was not a challenge as technology.

For the middle of 2009 the flex project had not much movement any more, the one the press had some sporadic panic calls (The people of the newspaper is always running with the printing), and the VB6 project was quiet. But we started other project with an spanish parthner, it was a module for a site for making up and printing bills.

The language this time was PHP, CakePHP, MySql, Javascript, JQuery, CSS and html2pdf.  Here was when i started to use JQuery/JQueryUI, and i didn’t stop using it since that time in all my web related projects.

This project was one of the most challenging in all my career in human  interaction and antinatural use technology. I think is because our partners did not talk spanish nor english, but catalan, and it was highly difficult to understand the requirements of the system. And because we had to generate and html with vectorial design with a CSS 2, without our own designer (my design capability is not really good) and trying to use a one of the firsts releases of html2pdf.

Believe me, it felt like being in the computer prehistory again. Thank fully, after a lot of hard work, renegotiations of time and design modifications, we achieve to have a working and productive solution.

This kind of bad experiences were the key facts that made the owners to start to look for other way of business, our own products or sell third companies products.

So we did that.

For 2010, with not much work at the door, and with a new legislature at Argentina respecting to bills, we developed one of the firsts Electronic bill system, for intranet. With business engine and communication bridge to the national tax office full developed in Java, highly tested and in continuous integration (Hudson), and with a  second layer of storage and web based graphical interface done with Groovy+Grails+Spring for the dependency injection for special taxes strategies.  And with responsive web client design thanks to the knowledge mix of the new designer and me.

It was a really nice application. But sadly it did not worked as business. Aufiero company and some old clients still using it for themselves.

So then we move to other business, reselling. And that is the best business this company ever did.

We had several iterations on this project, starting with wordpress magento for having a ready to start solution.

In the end of this iteration i decide to make a change, leave the job i had there that already became software engineer job, and go to work with a friend of mine at, looking for new and different domains to explore.

As i say in the post related with that job (click the link) , the adventure did not last too much in that place. 3 Months.

After some negotiations i came back, taking in charge the architecture of the new platform development for sales a resellers, done in Groovy+Grails, and making easier the migration making bridges in between the wordpress based solution and the new solution. Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 22.21.28


This is one of the implementations, for reselling AVG antivirus. Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 22.21.47

Having instances for each of that listed countries. With each currency and with each ways of payment. And, as is easy to realise, here we have other two implementations but with a different CSS paragon spam titan

Since this platform is based on services, in order to have high availability and modularity, i was also in charge of the design and implementation of other  pieces of software:

– Headless and light email sending engine, easy and cheap to deploy. Based on apache Email, simple load balancer for our servers, fully based on java and tomcat interface, it automatise the deployment of the engines in our 4 servers, making them available in terms of demand. Designed with TDD, followed with scrum.

– Email campaign management, with email tracking, click tracking, conversion measures, and reports about campaign impact. All of this done in Groovy+Grails and interacting with the email engines. Designed with TDD, followed with scrum.

– Single sign-on service for all the suit of services developed in the company.  This one also developed in Groovy+Grails.  Designed with TDD, followed with scrum.


Other projects i did but more about architecture where, Hades – metadata framework. A framework to describe any system based on graph definition. A framework to use descriptions and build CRUD interfaces with more intelligence (If you can understand the relation between two objects, you can have different strategies of interface building).

Both of this last two were done in groovy, the first because of the Mixins power, the second one to be able to generate groovy tags as needed, and talk in the terms the rest of the developers are used to talk.


The same way MSA made me understand the meaning of commitment, Aufiero informatics taught me how to learn different technologies, understand requirements, test before anything else! And also gave me a great human space, what means in the end, why we do commit. I have nothing but gratitude for this awesome team.


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