Buscouniversidad.com (2011)


The same way i posted one of my best (if it’s not the best) experiences in my life, i think is fair to post now my worst experience. This one was in Buscouniversidad.com.ar

This site is a directory for looking for universities that works in Argentina. Punctually in Buenos Aires.

My experience here it did not last more than 3 months and pushed me back to my previous job. Starting with a cool environment, but morphed into a really ugly place to be in terms of weeks, with bigger challenge of do not die of boringness.

Based on PHP+Zend framework for the application side and Mysql+sphinx for the indexing and storing data, for a site exposed to high stress, the project was kind of interesting,  and finally start to face the development of a whole new site with support for internationalisation (nothing funny, but somehow challenging).

And that is  what was our job: Care about performance and availability of the running site, design a whole new one based on more robust and reliable technology.

You can see the results of our work in the site since it did not change much since i left.

Also we even had the nice challenge of email analysing that i did in python. I will see if i can find that code and release it as MIT. Is not that much really, but it was simple. It was about analysing email contents from the email server, fetching each email-file and checking content based on regular expressions for knowing to what ‘campaign’ was answer each email, if the email was duplicated, if the email had insulting content, etc.

Sadly, or maybe not (since the challenges were not challenge), the relation with our bosses became bad. They wanted us to make office hours, from 9 to 18 exactly, and we had moved from one office to other one, having 30 minutes more of travel in my case to arrive to the place.

It sounds incredible that 30′ can make a social relation ashes… unless you think about how many marriages had being ended bad because of things like the toilet lid.

And it is exactly what it happened. Things became really human, hysterical and unprofessional, until the point of having a discussion where my partner/boss and me where accused of wanting to stole one of the magnificent ideas of our magnificent boss.

After that experience we just decided to quit the job, and look for something else.

I think the best thing of this job was the pizza that we used to buy in the closest store, even when it used to arrive  not-that-hot.


Buscouniversidad was my second time using Zend Framework. I have a really deep issue with frameworks in PHP,  (that is why i started my own full stack framework, looking to adopt more simple and sophisticated ways of  define the business domain object that i already learned in other technologies for that time, and adapt them to PHP ), and my first relation with sphinx search.

The rest of the architecture picture was Debian linux, apache server one for each static and dynamic content, and MySql for the dynamic content.

If you see the site it looks a site without much work. And it has not much work for the user side: a contact form

Contact form

related with each of the careers you can find with the search form


A regular directory.

But this directory needs to be maintained by human beings (i have no screenshot about the admin site, but it has a quite responsive design based on Javascript with JQuery and JQueryUI) and it is also accessed by literally thousands of users daily. What means also other kind of work i cannot show, what is performance, accomplished by generation of static content with already done queries, (that is also related with a SEO strategy).






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